Health Blogs Usually Showcase Herbal Supplements

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Health Blogs can be very effective if you want to showcase a particular product or a group of products or supplements whatever. What I am writing about is what my personal experience has taught me since I started to promote herbal supplements as an affiliate for various health issues back in 2007. We knew back then that in order for the masses to know about your product, you have to showcase it on the internet. There is no doubt that the onset of this internet thing has changed and influenced so many aspects of our everyday life. The world will never be the same again.

Internet Changed The Art Of Shopping

The internet has drastically changed the way marketing is being done as well as the way people shop. In the old days, you simply went to a store, make your selection of products and go straight to the counter to pay and take your buy home. Don’t get me wrong, we still have this way of shopping but we are now witnessing more and more rates of people using the internet to make purchases.

There was a time when I couldn’t imagine anybody using the internet to order pizza for instance when the pizza parlor was just around the corner. It takes only 5 minutes to get there on foot. Why would anyone do something like that? That was pure laziness I thought. I am of different opinion now.

Back then, at least when I was just a boy, it was possible to order stuff by telephone but you had to memorize the exact product you wanted from the plethora of products offered by the store and when you finally made your choice, you had to pay exorbitant amount of money for delivery to your address. The internet has changed that.

These days you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home, don’t have to explain or dictate to the sales person on the other side of the line about what you wanted to buy and you don’t even have to speak with anyone at all. All you need is a computer whether desktop, laptop or a tablet, a cell phone, internet connection and BINGO!

Now the internet was here. There is nothing you can do about it. You either be a part of it and follow along or you become a loser. Yes, I mean what I just said. You become a loser if you don’t take the advantages the new technology in the form of internet marketing or rather online marketing is giving you.

Influence Of Online Marketing

There are a number of new words that appeared or are created as a result of the internet. Terms such as online, on the web and on the internet were never used before until the unset of the internet but now those are words that are “domesticated” meaning that the term or terms have found their ways into our everyday expressions even in our very homes.

My First Health Blog Was On BlogSpot

I like to share with people that I started promotion of affiliate products as a means of survival. The country was just recovering from the destruction cause by an almost 5 years of civil war and thus the prospect of an electronics engineer getting a job was very minimal. I had to do something and find a way to feed my family.

Everything changed when I met someone who knew someone who was making between $1000 and $3000 per month selling herbal supplements on the internet for a commission of 40% as an affiliate. I had never been more alert in my life as I listened to how this guy was making it. I had to meet him. By the way, the average salary per month then was about $300.

I met this guy, he explained to me the process and I registered with an affiliate network that specializes in herbal products as his sub affiliate meaning he received 5% of any commission I made paid by the affiliate network.

With no money to start a website, the only option left was to look for free websites and take the risks of being banned for violations of their TOCs. I took the risk and registered a blog on BlogSpot. For the reason that I was mostly promoting herbal supplements for male sexual improvements, I was very quickly banned after four months but not before I had made enough money to buy my first domain name and created my first ever website.

My First WordPress Blog Website For Herbal Supplements

herbal blogs feature topics on ayurvedic medicine
After starting my first website that I used to promote herbal male sexual supplements, I kept hearing and reading something about a word I have never heard of before “Blog”. I remembered just a year or two before that my nephew mentioned that same word in one of our conversations but never paid any significant attention to it until then. Being the curious man that I am, I wanted to get to the very bottom of it and find out what the hell that word blog meant.

The discovery totally changed my conception of web design altogether. Until then, I was engaged in building static websites either in pure HTML code or in PHP. The discovery of WordPress changed everything. There was no going back. WordPress was to be the only platform I will build my websites on and still promoting herbal products even though I have moved to other niches but herbal supplements will still remain with me. After all, I made my first online money promoting them. I still remember like it was just yesterday that my first commission was $31.95.

Bad Name For Herbal Supplements

The herbal supplements market was and still a lucrative one but unfortunately, many unscrupulous marketers have given the niche a bad name. I am not even talking about the spam emails that were being sent in the early days but practices that exist even to this day ..Fake products.

Seeing that the market of herbal or OTC (Over The Counter) products is a multi billion business, many individuals have seen it as a way to make quick money by marketing fake products as well as products that are nothing but simply trash. This king of practice has reduced confidence in herbal supplements.

Going Herbal Good Or Bad?

As a person who was born in a very remote part of Africa and reached the age of 20 before leaving to Europe and later on to the US, I am inclined to favor nature more. I grew up in nature in my village before getting scholarship to study abroad. Therefore I am a supporter of herbal supplements.

In my youth, I have seen that certain ailments were taken care of with herbs and herbal preparations. I will cite an example of myself. When I was in Europe, I was having this problem with hemorrhoid. I was having the attack at least once a month. It was my nightmare. One summer vacation in Africa, I met with my herbal guy and he gave me a root of a plant which I never knew till this day. I needed to soak the root in alcohol and let it stay 3 days. After three days, I was to take a shot of the concussion first thing before I ever ate anything. It is now more than 25 years and never had any instance of hemorrhoid ever since.

Yes! I am for herbals.