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Welcome Guest Blogs

This is my personal blog and therefore I make the rules. Do not be mislead by the domain name with the news in it. It is intentional for a reason. I welcome guest blogs and comments but again as long as they comply with my rules.

I am an open minded guy but I would not allow crossing certain lines of decent conduct.

I welcome guest blog posts or articles from different parts of the world on different topics. If you would like me to publish your article or comment on published articles then you MUST comply with the following rules.

Guest Blogging Submission

Your article must be unique and clearly written in English. You must proof-read your article and make sure it has no grammatical and spelling errors. The internet is full of both paid and unpaid tools for these kinds of things.

I don’t expect you to be Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, J.K. Rowling, Mark Twain or hold a PHD in literature!

Guest blogging article must be well on focus. If it is in form of a news, the better. Make sure your article focuses on the topic you are trying to communicate. For instance, if your article or post is about Golf, stay on Golf and don’t go on shooting off on anything else. I will read the articles and make sure they comply.

Length Of Articles

If you can not write an article of at least 1000 (one thousand) words or get someone to write it for you, don’t even border to apply.

Break your articles down by topics or headlines.
If you cannot use the h-tags, I will do that for you if your article passes my threshold.

Images And Videos

I will place and upload your video and images on your posts. Yeah, I respect good infographics.

Linking Strategy

Maximum three external links per post. One link per domain. I reserve the right to link to related posts on this website. Of the three external links, make sure that you don’t link more than once to a domain. One of those external domains should be an authoritative website on the topic of your article.

My Take On You

This is my website. When and if I published your article, I may also include my take on such articles. I will notify you about the take. You have the right to respond and I will place that on your post. Fair?

What I don’t Like

I will never endorse anything That Has To Do With The Following.

  • Racial discrimination in all it’s forms.
  • Discrimination against LGBT community in all forms.
  • Discrimination against any kind of religious groups in all its forms
  • Discrimination against a people, person or entity and what they stand for.

    If you meet these criteria, then you are eligible to be a contributor to this blog website.